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Singapore started the liberation of the Electricity market since 2001. Subsequently, 33000 C&I (Commercial & Industrial) customers become contestable customer by 2002. Contestable customers refer to customers that can choose their choice of ESP (Electricity Service Providers / Electricity Retailers ). Non-contestable customers refer to customers (i.e. the RH (Residential/Household customers) that are not allow to choose ESP. They are under the care of SP Services.

Nevertheless, since 2002, full liberalization of the Singapore Electricity market been underway gradually, and is scheduled to be fully extended to all electricity consumers by Jan 2018 (there are about 1.3 million customer accounts). Till date, about 90,000 customer accounts in Singapore have become contestable (monthly electricity usage of 2000 KWH, monthly bill of about $450/-).
MyElectricity is an ESP dedicated to providing innovative & reliable Electricity Supply Services using to both the C&I and RH customers in Singapore.